Sunwest Plan G

Sunwest Management, Inc.: Distribution Plan

USDC Case No. 09-CV-06056

Information and documents related to the approved Distribution Plan are available below.

 Approved Distribution Plan

This is the court-approved Distribution Plan. Exhibits and related information are available below.

March 24, 2010 ANNOUNCEMENT

Claims Bar Date and Election Notice Deadline Extended

The claims bar date, and deadline for submitting a notice of election, for the claims process in both the case of the Securities and Exchange Commission v. Sunwest Management, Inc. et al., and the Stayton SW Assisted Living, LLC Bankruptcy case has been extended by order of the court.The claims bar  date, as well as the deadline for submitting a notice of election, is no longer March 31, 2010, and is now April 30, 2010.

February 19, 2010 - Claim Form Explanation

The design and verbiage of the claim form has prompted many requests for clarification. A copy of the Proof of Claim form, including a detailed explanation of each section, is available through the link below. Each section is numbered and corresponds to an umbered list of explanations following the form.

 Claim Form Explanation

November 6, 2009 UPDATE -

On November 3rd, 2009, an order was entered approving the claims procedure in both the case of the Securities and Exchange Commission v. Sunwest Management, Inc. et al., and the Stayton SW Assisted Living, LLC Bankruptcy case. A notice of bar date and notice of election form have been sent to potential claimants. The order approving the claims procedure, claim form, and election forms are available through the links below. The claims bar date is set for April 30, 2010. In order to file a claim, please read and follow all instructions included with the approved claim form as noticed, and available through the link below.

  Order Approving Claims Procedure

  Proof of Claim Form

  Notice of Claims Bar Date

  Notice of Election

  Notice of TIC Election Cancellation

Some of the most common questions resulting from the receipt of these documents have been answered in the document available below. Should you have additional questions after reviewing these documents, please feel free to contact the Receiver's dedicated Sunwest Claims Hotline at (866) 674-6791. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

 For your convenience, available below is the most current list of Receivership entities including addresses. If you wish to determine whether a company you have been involved with is part of Sunwest Management, Inc., these lists may be a helpful tool for INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY. They are not meant to provide an all-inclusive list of the Sunwest entities. Each document contains the same information, but is sorted differently, by Facility Name, Entity Name, and State, for your convenience.

 Entities sorted by Facility Name

 Entities sorted by Entity Name

 Entities sorted by State

October 2, 2009 UPDATE -  

Judge Michael R. Hogan has entered an Order approving the Distribution Plan with certain exceptions. Please review the Order below, and related documents outlining the exceptions in detail, as well as revisions made to the Distribution Plan before approval.

 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - document filed by Judge Michael R. Hogan regarding the Motion to Approve the Proposed Distribution Plan

 Exhibit 1 to Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - redlined copy of the Proposed   Distribution Plan showing revisions made before approval

 Order Granting Approval of the Distribution Plan - includes specific exceptions

 Exhibit 1 to the Order - Distribution Plan as approved

In keeping with the Distribution Plan, Judge Michael R. Hogan has declared Sunwest a unitary enterprise and as such has rolled additional entities into the Stayton SW Assisted Living, LLC Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Case No. 6:09-cv-6082. The documents related to this action are available below. Future filings and updates regarding this bankruptcy are available at our Stayton SW Assisted Living, LLC, et al, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Page.

 Report - Unitary Enterprise Consolidated Schedule of Assets and Liabilities

 Attachment 1 - Schedules A-E

 Attachment 2 - Schedule F

 Attachment 3 - Schedules G-H

 Report - Unitary Enterprise Consolidated Statement of Financial Affairs

 Attachment 1 - Statement of Financial Affairs

Proposed Distribution Plan of Receiver and Chief Restructuring Officer for Sunwest Enterprise

 Proposed Distribution Plan

Appendix of Exhibits

      - Volume 1

      - Volume 2

      - Volume 3

      - Volume 4

 Notice and Motion

 Declaration of Clyde Hamstreet

 Declaration of Michael Grassmueck

 Declaration of Matt Marcos

 Declaration of Paul Rundell

 Declaration of Greg Gadawski

 Memorandum of Points and Authorities

    - Exhibit 1

    - Exhibit 2

 Certificate of Service

 Claims Process Motion

    - Exhibit A

    - Exhibit B

    - Exhibit C

    - Exhibit D

 Notice Filed in the Harder Bankruptcy

In addition to the Proposed Distribution Plan, please find below the Order Granting Preliminary Injunction and Appointing Receiver. Exhibit A to this document constitutes a list of Sunwest entities in Receivership at the time of appointment. Exhibit A2 and Exhibit A3 constitute amendments to the original filing as additional entities entered into Receivership.

 Order Granting Preliminary Injunction and Appointing Receiver - includes Exhibit A

 Exhibit A2

 Exhibit A3